Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ways of Attracting Attention to a Website

I discovered earlier today that yesterday someone was directed to last week's post, "Can You Swim In Jello?", through a Google search of "is it possible to swim in jello" (I would note that this is not a very refined search). I have to assume they were disappointed in what they found (but again, partly their fault, as it was not the most well-constructed Google search ever), given that my post was really not designed to answer this question, but rather took the form of a social critique against a society that fails to answer it.

But this does serve to call attention to the fact that this is a question to which people around the world are desperate for an answer. I only hope that some industrious soul who is searching for this answer is mistakenly directed here, and is, in turn, further inspired to find the real answer.


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