Thursday, June 23, 2005

Seacrest, Out!

I was watching CNN's "Blog Report" today (it's called something like that) where two reporters discuss what's being talked about on the blogosphere. This report served to crystallize a bad taste that's been forming in my mouth (so to speak) for some time regarding blogs. The story truly has finally become What Are the Blogs Saying, not What Is the Truth?. This is not a universal negative, but for the time being I don't like being involved.

Here's a pro-con for blogs and blogging:

Pro: Truth, Humor, (these are much the same thing), Ideas, Culture

Con: Lies, Hatred, Distraction, Poor Color Schemes

I don't like what blogs have become in the Mainstream Media, or frankly in the Sidestream Media (and I've lost my faith in the robustness of the Obscurestream). I don't want to be one anymore.

This is not an action I take in the spirit of defeatism, and I understand the reality that blogs are sort of what's happening. That being said, I need to reflect on what part I'm going to take in the growing Din of Typed Voices that is the blogosphere.

Anyone reading this message is likely to be in touch with channels that will become aware if I ever return.

I dedicate this post to a Real Man of Genius, Mr. Jean Shorts Inventor (if I had blogged today, I would have talked about how Bud Light made a mistake in changing their ad campaign from "Real American Heroes" to "Real Men of Genius", in the spirit of post-9/11 "patriotism" (is a slash the proper convention here, or should it be a hyphen, as in 9-11?), ostensibly in order to not offend some people; well, perhaps some were spared offense, but the new name is significantly less funny, and surely a) American heroism did not start in 2001, and b) no one could have reasonably thought they were serious in the first place (fortunately, the substance of the ads remain very amusing (NegativeMode, I know you would in particular would appreciate Mr. Jean Shorts Inventor, which I heard today on Chicago's FM 105.9, and I trust you are sufficiently internet-industrious to find out why). If anything, the ad campaign serves to more further honor the people we really consider "heroes" by exposing Mr. Fortune-Cookie Fortune Writer and Mr. Pickled Pigs-Feet-Eater as the consensus non-heroes that they are)).

PositiveMode, Out!


At 10:46 AM, Blogger NegativeMode said...

I'm sorry to see you go.

I will attempt to pick up the slack over at NegativeMode, but I know that will be difficult to do. As I posted on NegativeMode, you are always welcome to guest post on the NegativeSide should the muse strike you. Diggy brah....

At 11:41 AM, Blogger SisterMode said...

This would be a devastating blow to the Blogosphere. Please say you're kidding?...

At 11:43 AM, Blogger SisterMode said...

Incidentally, I thought your gossip columnist post was some of your best work yet. And I mean the original one, not the more linear one.

At 4:23 PM, Blogger PositiveMode said...

Thank you, Sistermode, for the kind words re: the blogosignificance of the stoppage of PositiveMode, as well as with respect to the quality of the uncompromised gosssip post.

You read correctly, though, that PositiveMode is "dead as a doornail" (meaning, in a promising development, that it's not as a dead as, say, a "coffin nail" (apologies to the bulk of the audience other than SisterMode for the source of that silly metaphor comparison) (in fact, I had promised myself that I would not supplement my final post with any comments, as I wanted to make a clean break and not be too dramatic about it; however, I figured that "commenting" to the last post would not be as compromising as posting anew (which led to the intriguing possibility of this comment stream becoming a Blog Of Its Own, but this seems unlikely, and would be contrary to my end-blog ethics). So, with respect to PositiveMode, as Jareth would say: "what's said is said." (Period intended to reside within quotes) (or, to quote a related line more interpretively, "Jennifer, forget about the blog"))).

Like the Messiah or King Arthur, PositiveMode will/might return when the world is ready (the audacity of those two and others like them, by the way!; they're obviously not so powerful if they need the world to get the place ready for them). Note, significantly, that were PositiveMode reputable and visible enough to warrant attention, a solid portion of the blogosphere would castigate my self-reference to such fictional greats as saviors and notable kings.

Ever thus to blogs.

At 2:56 PM, Anonymous dj skuggs said...

r.i.p., positivemode. if i happen to stumble upon your funeral, it would be an honor to help carry your casket.

At 6:41 PM, Anonymous circe said...

I would break into "Wind beneath my Wings," but I think I'd be stoned to death for the effort.


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